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"I came to Anne six months post Stage IV breast cancer diagnosis/treatment and two months of separation from my Narcissistic (now). I didn’t even know how to begin to move forward and heal. Almost three years later, I can proudly say those issues in my life do not seem insurmountable. Through mindfulness, tuning into my body and a lot of reflection, Anne has brought me to a point in my life where I am truly happy. My issues are not gone, and when they do pop up, I adjust and keep moving forward."

-Brenda Moore-

"I have worked with Anne for seven years.  

Over the course of the years, with her support and guidance, I have developed more confidence in myself. Through Anne’s using a variety of methods in treating me, I have grown in my ability to convey my feelings, and in my ability to connect with and develop relationships with others. I still have areas in my life in which I need her guidance and growth; however, with Anne’s wisdom, caring ways, and continued support and guidance, I feel that I will not only be able to accomplish the goals that I but that I will further continue to grow and to develop beyond those goals".