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  • Mindfulness, relaxation, hypnosis, and hypnotherapy
  • Helping children  and tens experiencing social, physical, mental , emotional challenges / disabilities. 
  • Women's' issues: Relationships, Marriage, Parenting, Empty Nest, divorce, post-divorce  
  • Helping people  change behaviors / thought pattern to improve physical or emotional health.
  • Narcissism - helping those effected by a narcissist in their life.
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • helping children teens and adults find more pleasure in life
  • Direct services for Deaf children teens and adults using ASL
  • Helping clients develop a balanced work life balance 

My techniques are developed from formal training and research, plus decades of experience with clients and my own life experiences.   

I employ well-researched tools such as CBT, mindfulness, meditation, psycho-education and Katie Byron's 'The Inquiry Method', as well as hypnosis, hypnotherapy and aspects of buddhism, spiritual teachings if interested. 

Additionally, I have developed original methods and tools that have been time tested and  client approved:)