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There are many books about Narcissism. These are just a few I recommend, to get you started on your recovery.


  • Ask the Narcissist -Answers to Your Questions H G Tudor (EXCELLENT)
  • The Human Magnet Syndrome: Why We Love People Who Hurt Us
  • Women who Love Psychopaths Sandra Brown
  • Disarming the Narcissist Wendy Behary
  • Children of the Self Absorbed Nina Brown
  • Divorcing A Narcissist- One Woman's Battle Tina Swithin
  • The Wizard of Oz and Other Narcissists Eleanor Payson
  • Broken Open By Elizabeth Lesser ( not about narcissism but about starting over) 


Blogs can be a wonderful tool in your recovery process. Blogs exist for ' I have a Narcissistic Mom,/Dad', 'My bf is a narcissist', is a narcissist', 'I'm divorcing a narcissist', 'My ex is a narcissist' etc

Realizing you are not alone in this experience is important. Most of your friends and family will not understand what you are going through- unless they too have had a Narcissist in their life. Others will find your story and hard to believe - because what you are sharing is pretty unbelievable. Narcissists present a prettier to picture to the outside world. Friends or family may even question your sanity or your stories. However, others who have been affected by a narcissist WILL understand, and validate your experiences and feelings. That is why blogs are helpful. You will likely be shocked or surprised at what seems to be YOUR own story, but is written by someone else. You are not alone. 


Group therapy is a powerful way to recover. Knowing you are not alone in your struggles and pain is important and validating when shared with others. Sharing struggles and growth is a deep experience. 

Contact me if or would like to join a Women's Recovery Group to help you on your journey.

YouTube and links for more information

There are many about Narcissism, recovery etc. Check them out

  • Click here for a great video - a human experiment - about the difference between sympathy and empathy. It's funny, touching and real. Narcissists can act sympathetic, but they lack empathy. You will understand the difference between empathy and sympathy from watching this video.