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 Narcissistic Personality Disorder

affect up to 6% of the population,

the majority of whom are men.

Do you suspect you may know a narcissist?  

Anne Norton has developed a specialization in helping women who have been, or are in, relationships with narcissistic, manipulative, controlling or other abusive partners.

She provides individual and group therapy through psycho-education and therapy. You will learn to: 

~ Understand Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) & understand and identify NPD traits in their partner

~ Identify Narcissist's manipulative techniques

~ respond betterto manipulation

~ techniques to disengage, and not provide fuel to the Narcissist.

~ Better deal with a controlling or manipulative partner

~ Break away, stay away & recover from toxic relationships.            

~ Rediscover who you are, and what you are meant to be

~ Learn how and why you were attracted to, and stayed with the narcissistor other liars/manipulators/selfish/damaged partners.

~ Reduce unhealthy behaviors and thought patterns 

You CAN feel better

or text or call 907 315 3985 to set up an appointment.