Prior to our first Session:
Prior to the first session, you need to create an account, at Therapy Appointment.com  by clicking here

For Computer Sessions:
Then, download VSEE, a free application.  It is HIPAA secure,  and works similar to Skype.

Log on at the time of your session, and click ACCEPT when you see I am calling you. Be sure you will not be disturbed, with your phone turned off.

I recommend using a headset for clearer reception and more confidentiality.

You  need complete privacy, a closed door, and the highest speed available in your area for maximum connection.

Please buy yourself  1-2 notebooks or special  journals.  Bring one  to each session  for notes.

Please  read the resources page here to prepare for therapy and refer back to this page when you have time.   
Payments:   click here to pay with credit card for your co pay or sessions.

Click here for an appointment.

You will  complete basic information
  then Anne Norton will contact you
to schedule an appointment.


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