Payments:   click here to pay with credit card for your co pay or sessions.

Session length:    60-75 minutes

Prior to our first Session:
Prior to the first session, you need to create an account, at Therapy Appointment.com  by clicking here

For Computer Sessions:
Then, download VSEE, a free application.  It is HIPAA secure,  and works similar to skype.

Log on at the time of your session, and click ACCEPT when you see I am calling you. Be sure you will not be disturbed, with your phone turned off.

I recommend using a headset for clearer reception and more confidentiality.

You  need complete privacy, a closed door, and the highest speed available in your area for maximum connection.

Please buy yourself  1-2 notebooks or special  journals.  Bring one  to each session  for notes.

Please also read the resources page.  



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