Anne B Norton Psy. S., LPC
in office sessions
as well as video conferencing sessions

Q: Why utilize on line video conferencing services?

A: Because it's convenient, easy, and anyone who desires my specialized  coaching services can access me from anywhere. 


  • Dealing with manipulative, narcissistic family members or partners 

  • Mindfulness, relaxation, hypnosis and hynotherapy

  • Women's issues: Marriage, Parenting,  life after divorce, and aging.

  • Resolving challenging  issues at school,  home, or on the job

  • Improving selfesteem,  realizing your worth and getting to know your inner, intuitive, wise self.

  • Meeting your Goals:  changing behaviors or thought patterns,   losing weight,   exercising,   improving physical or emotional heath,   decreasing symptoms of depression and anxiety
  •  Direct services for Deaf children teens and adults using ASL

  • Consultation and supports for professionals working with deaf consumers or patients 

My techniques  are developed from education and many years
of experience, supplemented with continued education and research. 

I employ well-researched tools such as  CBT,  mindfulness, meditation, psycho-education, and  Katie Byron's 'The Inquiry Method' as well as  hypnosis and hypnotherapy as desired.

I have developed many pragmatic tools over the years that have helped a large variety of clients, and will help you as well.

Anne B Norton  Psy S  LPC  LMHCA
Phone  907 315 3985  
Helping children, adolescents, adults & families since 1989

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