It is a state of altered consciousness that occurs normally in every person just before entering into sleep, and often when we are driving or walking, or doing everyday tasks. 
In therapeutic hypnosis we prolong this state to work more directly with the subconscious, rather than the conscious mind, which is still awake and aware.  The subconscious often knows exactly what we need, and what our true feelings and thoughts are, even when we cannot articulate it ourselves in regular talk therapy.

How can  hypnotherapy help me?

Hypnotherapy helps you better understand  inner conflicts that may be presenting themselves in unwanted patterns of behavior that you don't understand, that may include physical symptoms. If often works more quickly than traditional therapy.  Hypnosis is well researched to help with pain, anxiety, stress and many other symptoms.  Hypnotherapy is a deeper process that gets to the root of the anxiety or stress and fears or anger. You are able to heal yourself and make new decisions about your life that can change your life.

What does it feel like to be hypnotized?

Its very relaxing, and you will be aware of everything. You will hear every sound, and you are aware of anything going on and  you can move your limbs or open your eyes if you want.  Your thoughts are under your control, and you will still converse with me.

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