Are you looking for a counselor
who understands deafness  and hearing loss issues
and who can sign fluently?     

Contact Anne Norton for an appointment.

About Anne Norton:
  • Graduated from Gallaudet University , the world's only Liberal Arts University for the Deaf with a Masters Degree, and a Specialist degree in Developmental Psychology, and then School Psychology

  • Worked with hundreds of deaf students in both residential and mainstream school programs as a school psychologist,  Deaf program coordinator, and even dorm supervisor and interpreter.

  • Became a Licensed Professional Counselor in 2001 and  has worked with many deaf adults and children through her private practice and contracts with state  agencies

  • Obtained RID CI and CT, and NAD Level IV Certificates of Interpreting

  • Is  passionate about improving the lives and services for Deaf children,
              adults and families

All  services for Deaf  clients are provided using American Sign Language. Services are available on a a sliding scale ( limited basis ) for those without access or funds for services.

 Consultations and Workshops available 

Contact Anne Norton for fees.

Sample of Deaf  Related Workshop/Consultation Topics

  • Basics 101:   What I should learn in case I meet a deaf person on the job?

Workshops for  Agencies, DVR, DHSS,  Mental Health Conferences and others

  • Therapy with Deaf  Clients- Basics 102.
  • Do Deaf  People Hear Voices?
  • Diagnostic situations and common errors
  • Cultural and communication issues in the therapeutic setting.

Workshops For Parents or Parent Groups

  • What are the best  School  services for my deaf child?
  • Parenting Decisions regarding a deaf child: communication, acceptance, using  interpreters in the home and other important  family issues.
  • Psycho-Social implications of raising a deaf child for hearing parents
  •  Raising a hearing child  as a Deaf parent

Workshops For Schools:

  • Consulting and training  Deaf Ed teachers and Educational Interpreters
  • Deaf Education/ Methodological / Communication  choices-pros & cons
  • Deaf Culture issues for medical and social services providers
  • A deaf child in my classroom? What will that mean to me?
To schedule services contact Ms Norton at

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