Anne B Norton PLLC
Psy. S.    LPC   LMHCA
Licensed Professional Counselor 

20 years + experience

Licensed in Alaska,
New Mexico, &  Washington state.   

Therapy via computer 
  Face to Face my  Washington office.

 Counseling services are available for clients in Washington,  Alaska, New computer.  Ms. Norton works with and adults.  anxiety, women's issues, adjustment issues, disabilities and learning with, and recover from, a narcissist or other controlling, manipulative relationship in your life. You will learn to view   make healthier Therapy, meditation, CBT, and other tools. awareness of your body and emotions, and get in touch with the inner intuitive part of holds your answers.

  perfect for the busy person seeking efficient use of time in a specific area of their life. I have developed a program to help you create new habits you want, that ensures success, and will bring you more peace, and health. 

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services
Anne Norton is fluent in American Sign Language and issues related to deafness and hearing loss.  She provides services to deaf and hard of hearing children and adults and their family members.

Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis
sessions are available  in conjunction with counseling  sessions as needed and as appropriate. _______________________________________________________

Anne B Norton  PLLC  Psy S.  LPC  LMHCA
Phone  1 907 315 3985 

Helping children, adolescents, adults & families since 1989

Washington (LMHCA) M60269691          
Alaska      (LPC) License number 0045        
New Mexico Clinical Mental Health Counselor  (LPCC) License No. 0161821
Click here for an appointment.  First you will  complete basic information,  then  Ms. Norton will contact you to schedule an appointment.

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